1970 Duo Mystry

1979 Mercury 200 V6

Old trailer

80 mph on the water for $2000.00 - boat motor and trailer!!

(you won't find that anywhere else!!)

Also would consider some trades of even value or plus cash, lawn tractor, guns, 4X4 ATV, etc. Let me know what you have! - (no boats, I've got enough of them.. - Although I would be interested in a Hobie Mirage drive Kayak)

contact mikew@sellme.com

OK, so this one is not the one for sale, it is an old Merc ad showing a Duo new!

Here's a blurb from page 26 from the Feb 7, 1970 issue of The New Yorker Magazine: "Writer spoke with Ken Erhart, of Decatur, Indiana, at the Duo, Inc. exhibit of the Duo Mystry 17 speedboat ($1,450) & was handed a brochure on the Mystry. It said: "... even sharp-breaking waves are no obstacle to this rugged speedster, with its Indy wedge construction & aerodynamically designed tunnel hull."

Duo was started by Victor Porter, and later sold to Starcraft. Vic Porter is now chairman of Formula.

Same basic hull as the Magnum Missile or (much later on) the Rabco Hustler - based on the Molinari tunnel speed boats of the mid 60's. Flat tunnel, with I believe some modifications on the shape and strakes on the sponsons at the rear to make it plane quicker (with the 200 this will plane REAL quick). This thing will corner like it is on rails, be SURE to keep your kill lanyard connected..

1970 Duo Mystry tunnel hull race boat, with Hotfoot throttle, trim control on wheel, cable steering. Probably the fastest boat you will find for this kind of money, boat motor and trailer, ready to run. Or, certainly the cheapest potential restoration project that is this close for those looking for a restorable classic! This boat was from the very early days of tunnel hulls in the US. The same basic hull was made and sold for many, many years afterwards.

79 200 Mercury V6, low water pickup (only), bullet nose. 28P Chopper prop. Motor was rebuilt with a used head about a year ago. I do not have many details, but can tell you compression is 120-130 across all 6 - and the boat flat out MOVES! Motor makes rather a mean exhaust noise, as well! Gearcase oil and water pump have less than an hour since change.

Motor is bolted directly to the (reinforced) transom. From what I have found on the forums, this is what works best with this hull. While a jack plate / setback may gain a few more mph, it would also compromise further safety, in a hull design already sensitive to trim settings at speed.

Boat title in hand, boat is registered with FL numbers - which are current. Boat is actually titled as a Mercury - which is why I originally bought the boat. The person I bought it from (not real swift) was told it was a Mercury test boat, to test their motors. It was sold to him as a Mercury, with the Mercury title. I thought I had stumbled across an incredible deal on a very rare, and potentially valuable, piece of history. As it turned out when I got there, the boat is actually a Duo Mystry (with a Mercury title), so I bought it for much less than I was going to, and therefore am offering it for such a low price now.

Crummy old trailer, no title, and needs work - but will roll down the road just fine. It does have 2 new wheel bearings, which I put in before I brought it home. Trailer is not registered, and does not have a FL tag. I bought the boat out of state, and was not able to obtain a tag here in FL. Trailer lights work (as do boat nav lights)

Boat needs seats, they are pretty much shot. 2 buckets in front, and removable bench in rear (keep it out to save weight and go faster!). Transom got cracked when the 200 was aired out, reinforced with plates of aluminum, pretty solid now. There is a chunk taken out of the foot on the motor (see last picture), doesn't seem to affect anything. Gas gauge does not work (boat has a portable plastic gas tank in it), speedometer doesn't work (sensor arm breaks off) other gauges do . Boat needs a good cleaning, has been sitting in an open carport for a while, than under a tarp. Pictures here taken last November, which is the last time I had it out. I put a coat of wax on it, no buffing or anything, and it shined up incredibly well. A good detailing job will show the quality which was originally put into this boat, as far as I can tell it is all original.

Price is firm, don't bother if you are just going to make an offer. Absolutely no test rides, boat is fast, and you can get into trouble if you don't know what you are doing. You are welcome to check compression or anything you wish in the driveway.

PICTURES (last November, when it was relatively clean!)


<<-- Picture of the chunk of casing that is missing from foot. I was told that is just the putty used to hold on the Bob's nose cone. Just changed drive fluid when I took picture, no its not leaking!


28P prop - Probably about $500 value right there..

Any questions contact mikew@sellme.com