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Want to increase your exposure on the web?

Certainly one of the best ways is to have more entry pages, or specifically, URL's relating to the search terms you want people to find you under. Or just more sites selling the same thing you are trying to get people to find!

For example, if you sell widgets, you are much more likely to get top search engine rankings (translating into hits and sales!) with a URL of, rather than

Furthermore, with some of the outrageous prices you've seen advertised for some domain names, leasing is a great alternative. You are not shelling out thousands of dollars up front to 'try out' a name. AND, if your business doesn't go the way you want, you have not spent a fortune for something you are no longer in need of. You can lease a name to get the search exposure for an amazingly low price (prices vary by domain). We will also host the site for you if desired, for just a small amount more (starting at $5 / month! - see! Go the sensible way, LEASE a name!

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